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dr-nasim-ashraf-md-facpThe DNA Health and Wellness Center is a unique getaway for individuals aspiring for an innovative medical checkup in addition to anti-aging therapies. HEALTH meets with Dr. Nasim Ashraf, CEO & Chief Medical Officer at DNA Health to learn more…

Can you tell us about the DNA Clinic and what makes it unique?

DNA Health and Wellness Center located at the award winning Talise Spa on the tranquil resort of Jumeirah Al-Qasr – Madinat Jumeirah, is a unique getaway for individuals desiring the latest medical checkup as well as anti-aging therapies. We test for the Genetic Blueprint of each guest and then create a lifestyle plan specific for that individual. At DNA Health, we combine Western medicine with naturopathy.

What exactly do you mean by ‘functional medicine/integrative medicine’?

Functional and integrative medicine focuses on finding the root causes of disease rather than just treating symptoms. We diligently explore clues from the patient’s history to establish the real cause of the patient’s disease.
Nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, exposure to toxins, food allergies, and intolerances help us to arrive at the correct diagnosis and create a bespoke lifestyle plan for the guest.

What are some of the latest advances in medical science?

DNA testing today allows us to predict risk factors for diseases in the future and how to prevent them. This has opened up tremendous opportunities to PREVENT chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, digestive diseases, and many other chronic diseases. This is called Epigenetics, which is the new frontier in medicine.

Who is a typical patient at DNA Health?

From children with autism and activity disorders to people wanting complete checkups, we offer individualized evaluation and treatment. There is also a large clientele for Hollywood inspired anti-aging and beauty treatments using the latest American laser technology.

Why are food intolerances and allergies increasing and what is their effect on health?

Food intolerances and allergies have greatly increased due to the use of genetically modified foods and also pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. This leads to internal inflammation in the body which causes many diseases including cancer, heart attacks, diabetes as well as obesity.

Can aging be reversed?

Yes, advances in medical science have made it possible to slow down and reverse aging. The TELOMERE test is an
important tool to see how you are aging and then with lifestyle changes, how we can reverse the aging process.

In conclusion, I would say that your genes account for 30 percent in your health and aging while 70 percent is your
lifestyle. So, your genes may hold the gun, but it’s your lifestyle that pulls the trigger.

How does DNA Health evaluate and assess a new patient?

Each guest is individualized and after obtaining a detailed history, our multidisciplinary team decides which tests to
order including comprehensive metabolic and hormonal panels, food intolerance and allergy test, genetic blueprint
(DNA tests), heavy metal toxicity panel and any other indicated tests. The guest also undergoes a fitness evaluation.
Test results return from the US / Europe in two weeks and then our team has an extensive consultation with each guest to finalize their lifestyle plan. Our life coaches continue to  support the guest in implementing this plan.

Credit – Dr. Nasim Ashraf, MD, FACP, FAAIM, American Board Certified. CEO & Chief Medical Officer DNA Health

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