Helping kids look forward to the first day of school

Many children have a hard time getting back into the school time routine after the summer holidays. Here’s how parents can help.

Be sure you create a school bedtime routine at least one week before school actually starts. Kids should sleep, wake up, and eat at the same times they would as if they
were in school.

Now is the best time to enforce time limits on gadgets and get your kids back into reading at night before bedtime.

Get the children involved in planning weekly school lunch menus with the recipes, snack ideas, and packing. Make it a habit to have the kids help you in this so they not only feel a sense of excitement, but it also helps ensure they will eat healthy lunches. Involve and engage your kids in every part of the pre-school process— from buying the uniforms to choosing their own lunchbox, water bottle, and school supplies. This prep work will help them look forward with excitement about the new school year.

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