Helping Build Self-Confidence in Your Children

Parents play a key role in inculcating self-confidence in their children, which can later be the foundation to future achievements in their careers, relationships, and self-esteem, as HEALTH investigates.

Teach Self-Acceptance

Learning to like yourself is one of the most valuable things you can do to build your child’s self-confidence. Avoid negative programming and use positive praise when teaching your children.

Empower Them

Provide children with a pre-selected set of choices which will help them feel empowered. This can be something as simple as choosing a pencil case for school
or deciding a breakfast option. The skill of learning to make small decisions gives that ability to make larger decisions in adulthood.

Never Compare Your Children

We often get into the habit of comparing our children with each other or with other children. Each child is unique and comes into this world with distinct qualities that set him/her apart. Teach your child to be proud of who they are and this will in turn, boost self-esteem.

Spend Alone Time with Your Child From watching a movie together to reading a book together, one on-one time is imperative to make the child feel important and worthy.

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