Healthy Ways to Help Moms Manage Stress

03Juggling Family and Work is Never Easy and Can Be Quite Stressful. Health Looks At Some Simple, Yet Healthy Ways To Manage Your Stress.

With limited time,
endless school assignments, work assignments, emails to tend to and the home, it is very important first to approach managing stress in a way that works for us not against us. With a rushed
schedule we may be tempted to forgo exercise altogether. Exercise however, will help manage stress and anxiety. Rather than totally abandoning our regular routine, we should adjust our expectations and do condensed workouts.

A possible way to save time is to skip the commute altogether to the gym and do a short home workout,
jog outside or run the stairs in your apartment building. Try to carry a skipping rope in your office bag or when you travel, do a short cardio workout when time permits.

Convenience fast food, 
and restaurant take-out may seem appealing and there may be meals where is this is actually the only option. It is crucial not to adopt an all or nothing mentality here. If you are unable to do food prep then the healthiest possible choices from what is available. Choose a salad instead of fries, chicken breast instead of chicken nuggets, and water instead of juice or soda. If you are low on sleep and high on stress the last thing you want is to be filling your body with junk food and making you feel even worse and more tired. Always make the best out of your circumstances.

The last thing to keep in mind is that this is a temporary reality and won’t last.
Keep things in perspective and don’t beat yourself up if your diet and training are not perfect. Treat yourself as you would a loved one in your situation. You wouldn’t be judgmental and
negative, you would be understanding and encouraging.

Heather Marr, Personal
Trainer and author
of The Model Trainer
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