Mohamed Ezz Eldin

Mohamed Ezz Eldin
A Visionary Odyssey to Redefine Medicine in the Gulf.

  • Leading Novartis Gulf into a New Era of Healthcare Innovation and Patient-Centric Solutions

Mohamed Ezz Eldin, the Head of Novartis Gulf countries – stands at the vanguard of a healthcare revolution in the Gulf region. His leadership philosophy revolves around reimagining medicine, extending lives, and fostering a culture of innovation. With over two decades of experience, his impact resonates from the boardroom to patient communities. As the guiding force behind Novartis Gulf cluster’s Ezz Eldin spearheads a diverse and dynamic team. Driven by inspired, curios, and an “unbossed” culture, his team is on a mission to accelerate and enhance the quality of treatments available to patients across the Gulf.

In his role as Gulf Cluster Head, Ezz Eldin led cross-divisional collaboration to establish effective partnerships for Novartis Group with local Governments, Health Authorities, and Healthcare Systems. This effort positioned Novartis as the number one pharmaceutical company in the UAE and Gulf Pharmaceutical markets. Novartis Gulf’s vision, under Ezz Eldin’s leadership, is clear: to become the most valued and trusted pharmaceutical company in the region. This vision is not merely a statement but a commitment to combining cutting-edge innovations, best practices, and advanced technologies. The goal is to ensure the delivery of the highest quality treatments to patients, ushering in a new era of medicine. Ezz Eldin and his team are pioneers in this transformative journey. They ensure access to therapies that have the potential to redefine lives and communities, offering a message of hope to society. The emphasis is on speed and agility, aiming to transform the standard of care for a broader patient base, and doing so at an accelerated pace.

One of the exciting initiatives showcasing their commitment to innovation is the launch of the podcast series, “Reshaping the Future of Healthcare.” In this series, thought leaders from various industries share insights, ideas, and stories that underscore the power of innovation and collaboration in healthcare. It’s a testament to Ezz Eldin’s dedication to transparent communication and knowledge-sharing.

Ezz Eldin’s impressive career trajectory reflects his commitment to excellence and transformative leadership. In his current role as Head of Gulf Countries, at Novartis Gulf, he continues to steer the company towards new heights. His previous role as the Head of Gulf Cluster – Novartis Pharmaceuticals showcased his general management prowess. Leading cross-functional teams across six Gulf countries, Ezz Eldin managed various departments, ensuring the delivery of company targets and objectives. His strategic vision was pivotal in transforming the company’s portfolio and doubling business volume within three years.

Ezz Eldin’s experience extends to his tenure as the Country Head and Country Manager at Novartis Pharmaceutical, where he consistently delivered results and orchestrated successful turnaround strategies. In addition to his significant contributions at Novartis, Ezz Eldin has a rich background, including various roles in Kuwait and Bahrain.

Ezz Eldin is driven by a strong desire to form meaningful partnerships with esteemed organizations such as the Ministry of Health, Oncology Medical Society, Dermatology Medical Society, Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, and the Dubai Health Authority. His passion for diversity and a commitment to ensuring medicine’s accessibility to all resonate deeply with him. Over the past years, Ezz has also made significant contributions to PHRMAG as an Executive Committee (EC) member, where he handled various responsibilities and roles from being a Treasurer to Vice Chairman, and for the last two years as the Chairman of PHRMAG, where he greatly contributed to shaping Healthcare policies across Gulf countries that enhanced access to innovation. He is a member of DHA Advisory Council and UAE Healthcare Board of trustees.

Ezz Eldin’s journey in healthcare began with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University. This solid academic foundation laid the groundwork for his subsequent accomplishments in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mohamed Ezz Eldin’s story is one of transformative leadership, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His role as Head of Novartis Gulf – Innovative Medicines not only signifies his personal success but also embodies a commitment to reshaping the future of healthcare in the Gulf region. Through visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and a dedication to innovation, Ezz Eldin continues to make a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape, leaving behind a legacy of positive change and improved patient outcomes.

  • Ezz Eldin’s leadership excellence earned him the position of Head Gulf Countries, at Novartis Gulf.
  • Orchestrating a transformative growth plan, doubling business volume in 3 years, and reshaping Novartis’s portfolio..
  • Guiding Novartis Pharma Gulf, leading 240 FTEs across 5 countries to achieve targets and realize company vision.
  • Prioritize patient-centric care, embody innovation, and foster a collaborative, agile, and patient-focused approach.
  • Continuously contribute to healthcare advancement by leading innovative medicines and reshaping the future of healthcare.

“At Novartis Gulf, our aspiration is to transform the standard of care for twice as many patients, twice as fast by bringing innovation faster to more patients and partnering with healthcare systems and key stakeholders across Gulf to accelerate access to innovative treatments for patients who need them. “

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