Gulf Medical University’s Annual Research Day Decodes Breakthroughs in Oncology Therapies and AI-Based Brain Imaging

Gulf Medical University’s Annual Research Day Decodes Breakthroughs in Oncology Therapies and AI-Based Brain Imaging

In an effort to create a dynamic platform for recognizing outstanding breakthroughs in health professions’ research, the Annual GMU Research Day was held on 2nd and 3rd May 2024 at the Gulf Medical University campus in Al Jurf, Ajman. Organized by the Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine (TRIPM) in collaboration with the six colleges at Gulf Medical University (GMU), this event served as a platform to showcase research from international medical institutes, as well as the colleges of GMU, and clinical research at Thumbay Healthcare. A total of 28 research projects were presented by faculty members, with a whopping number of 122 posters displayed and presented by students involved in research projects.

The event featured a wide array of research topics, reflecting the institution’s multidisciplinary approach to research. Highlights included studies on new combined therapies for Pancreatic Cancer, the complexity of tumor microenvironment and its targeting, and brain image analysis in cognitive disorders using AI, presented by faculty from global medical education institutions. Additionally, research on breast, lung cancer, among others further demonstrated the breadth of research undertaken by both faculty and students at GMU.

“Attending the Research Day was impressive,” said Dr. Perparim Limani, Department of Surgery and Transplantation, University Hospital Zurich following his keynote presentation. Dr. Limani added, “the work and vision of the Chancellor, Research Vice Chancellor, Deans, and the top-notch faculty members of Gulf Medical University really showcased the outstanding caliber of research and training happening here. The focus on education, research, and clinical work is what sets the stage for preparing successful healthcare professionals. What is really remarkable is the swift progress made in research within the PhD program launched at GMU just six years back. The depth of basic science research, in laboratories and using the zebrafish animal model, is a reflection of GMU’s commitment to expanding knowledge. The students have been provided with a nurturing environment, so that they can pursue research alongside their studies. This collaborative culture, involving both local and global partners, not only enhances students’ research  and education skills but also enriches their clinical practice.”

Through engaging talks and compelling poster presentations, the Research Day illuminated the breadth of research and scholarly endeavors across various disciplines at GMU. The event also served as a prime opportunity to spotlight the university’s state-of-the-art facilities and research opportunities, showcasing GMU’s dedication to innovation and excellence. With an emphasis on collaboration and multidisciplinary, the two-day event encouraged synergy among different colleges, researchers, and faculty members, cultivating a culture of innovation within the academic community.

Speaking at the conference, Professor Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor, Gulf Medical University, stated, “As the Gulf Medical University Academic Health System (GMUAHS) is a pioneering model in the region’s private sector, seamlessly integrating healthcare, medical education, and research, we emphasize on entrustable professional activities to ensure students are prepared for real-world clinical practice through frequent assessment. GMUAHS also prioritizes research and innovation, advocating for early exposure of students to research environments to create a mindset of inquiry and innovation. Leveraging advanced technologies, the university and its affiliate institutes provides a cutting-edge educational experience, ensuring students are equipped for success in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.”

Through this event, the Thumbay Research Institute of Precision Medicine (TRIPM) aims to achieve several goals and objectives. The Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine Director and Vice Chancellor for Research at Gulf Medical University, explained, “Through events like the Annual GMU Research Day, TRIPM aims to identify researchers whose interests and expertise align closely with the institute’s focus on precision medicine. Additionally, TRIPM seeks to bolster its research capabilities by actively recruiting new faculty members who can significantly contribute to its research endeavors. Specifically, the institute aims to identify and onboard five new faculties during this event, thereby increasing its critical mass of researchers. Moreover, TRIPM prioritizes fostering collaboration not only within its own ranks but also across departments and institutions. By facilitating partnerships, TRIPM aims to catalyze innovative research projects in precision medicine that can drive meaningful advancements in healthcare in the region and beyond.”

The Research Day concluded with the announcement of poster prize winners, recognizing exceptional projects and poster presentations by students.’ Faculty members were also recognized for their contribution to research as well.

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