Gulf Medical University’s Annual Global Day Hosts the Largest Fusion of Cultures, Featuring 25 Country Pavilions and Over 1000 Attendees

Gulf Medical University’s Annual Global Day Hosts the Largest Fusion of Cultures, Featuring 25 Country Pavilions and Over 1000 Attendees

Gulf Medical University (GMU), UAE’s premier medical institution, hosted its Annual Global Day celebration at Friday, lighting up the Al Jurf campus with colorful neon lights and welcoming everyone to join the fun. Students and staff gathered excitedly to enjoy various activities, food stalls, and entertainment. With students from 102 different countries taking part, the event shows GMU’s commitment to diversity and togetherness. Through music, dance, and delicious food from around the world, Global Day celebrates the many cultures that make up the university’s community.

Prof. Hossam Hamdy, the Chancellor of GMU was the chief guest of GMU Global Day 2024. Accompanied by the Vice Chancellors and Deans, the Chancellor toured the exhibition where students had showcased the food and costumes, as well as other exhibits relevant to their culture and history. A total of 25 country pavilions displaying glimpses from the culture and heritage of various countries and serving traditional food were set up at the University ground. Pavilions were set up by students of UAE, other Middle East Countries, as well as Asian and African countries.

More than 1000 attendees, including students, staff, families, and friends of the University, congregated at the University grounds to partake in the lively Global Day celebrations. As part of the festivities, students from six colleges vied for the esteemed title of the ‘Best Stall.’ Judges, comprising three faculty members, evaluated the stalls based on their creativity, presentation, and adherence to the event’s theme. The winners were chosen based on a comprehensive assessment, including online voting by the student community, taking into account the quality of their stall presentations and offerings- showcasing the diverse talents of the GMU community.

Commending the dedication of the students, Prof. Hossam Hamdy expressed his appreciation for their efforts in making the annual Global Day a success. He highlighted the significance of the event in uniting GMU’s students and staff, emphasizing the university’s commitment to embracing diversity through the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’. Prof. Hamdy emphasized the importance of such initiatives in broadening students’ horizons and preparing them for prosperous careers on the global stage.

The evening also had colorful music and dance performances by the students dressed in their respective traditional attires and entertaining the audience with some great displays of talent. Celebrated every year, the event gives the students an opportunity to display the essence of their ethnicities and cultures, at the same time getting to know and appreciate each other’s culture.

Gulf Medical University is UAE’s leading medical Academic Health system, seamlessly integrating healthcare, education, and research. Its innovative model adopts dynamic interactions between academia and practical healthcare settings, enriching students’ learning experiences. With a global reputation for excellence and a diverse student body from over 102 countries, GMU offers a vibrant multicultural community. Accredited by the Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA), UAE, GMU ensures adherence to rigorous standards and international competency frameworks. Moreover, its extensive network of teaching healthcare facilities provides students with invaluable hands-on training opportunities and enhances their career prospects. For admissions, prospective students are encouraged to visit GMU’s official website or contact the admissions office.

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