Gulf Medical University Celebrates a Record-Breaking MASE 2023 with 1,431 Exhibits from 108 UAE Schools

Gulf Medical University Celebrates a Record-Breaking MASE 2023 with 1,431 Exhibits from 108 UAE Schools
  • Biggest Annual Medical and Science Exhibition of 2023 Showcased 1,431 Exhibits from 108 UAE Schools Across Six Categories at Gulf Medical University

Gulf Medical University (GMU) recently concluded its 17th edition of the Biggest Annual Medical, Art, and Science Exhibition (MASE), a highly anticipated competition for high school students. This event saw remarkable participation from over 108 schools, showcasing the impressive talents of young minds in six distinct categories. These categories included a diverse range of creative and intellectual ideas, including projects, posters, paintings, music compositions, poetry, and innovative business ideas.

Gulf Medical University’s 17th Annual MASE featured over 3,700 high school students from grades 10, 11, and 12. They presented a total of 1,431 exhibits in categories such as projects, posters, paintings, music, poetry, and business ideas. The competition offered substantial cash prizes, trophies, and certificates. Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 showcased their projects and posters onsite, while the remaining four categories were presented online. A panel of experts judged the exhibits, and winners were chosen from each grade in each category, with additional Viewer’s Choice awards based on online voting.

Commending the schools for their participation, Prof. Hossam Hamdy, said, “We are truly proud to witness the incredible talents of our UAE-based student community in the 17th edition of MASE. The participating schools have demonstrated a deep understanding of the theme and have delivered remarkably insightful and nuanced works. This exhibition and art prize hold great significance within the UAE’s health professions learning ecosystem. Each year, GMU’s MASE event sparks the creative potential of young scientists and fuels their interest in medical and science-based careers. It provides students with a platform to merge art and scientific thinking and apply their knowledge and ideas to the competition, nurturing an engagement that ignites the ambitions of future medical and science professionals.”

Out of 1431 entries received, Akshith Srikrishnan from India International School, Sharjah (Grade 10), Arshia Abubucker from British International school, Ajman (Grade 11) and Omar Hisham Fathi and Abdul Rahman Mohamad (Grade 12) from Al Kamal American International School-AL Azra claimed the first place in project making and were awarded cash prizes for their work. Similarly, Anviya Marson, Murshitha Shireen and Krishnapriya from The New Indian School, Umm-Al-Quwain (Grade 10), Aryan Malik, Ahmad Sorush and Dehqan Nezhad from Delta English School (Grade 11) and Alyaa Mahmoud Nazari from Dubai National School, AL Twar (Grade 12) secured the first position in poster making competition.

Meanwhile, Manna Sunil (Grade 10) from Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah; Shiv Nandha  Satheesh (Grade 11) from The Model School, Abu Dhabi and Sara Ashraf (Grade 12) from Al Hikmah Private School Ajman won the first position in painting competition. Lastly, Barath Senthilraja from Habitat School – Al Jurf (Grade 10), Nitya N Malapil (Grade 11) from Delhi Private School- Dubai and Rayan Neja (Grade 12) from Al Ameer English School, Ajman wowed the jury with their poetry skills and acquired the first position. The other three winners in music competition included Tazine Shiraz (Grade 10) from The English College, Diyandra Fernando (Grade 11) from the Bloomington Academy, Ajman and Matthew Kurian Matthews (Grade 12) from The Emirates National School, Sharjah. For the business ideas segment, Abrar Mohammad (Grade 10) from Dubai National School Al Twar, Areej Melhem (Grade 11) from Al Durrah International School and Pranay Bapna (Grade 12) from GEMS Millennium School Sharjah secured first positions.

Overall, Maya Bashir Othman and Sara Najjar of Al Durrah International School took home the Best Poster Prize, showcasing their creativity. The prize for ‘Innovative Project’ went to Mohammad Faraz, Vinayak, Mohammed Nejad, Vaishnav, and Ansal Noor of Sharjah Indian School, Juwaiza, for their outstanding project. Dubai National School – Al Twar received the Highest School Participation for the Overall Trophy, a testament to their enthusiastic involvement.

Statistical Insights

In the online contest of MASE, open to students in grades 10, 11, and 12, an impressive number of entries were received, with 233 paintings, 316 poems, 37 musical compositions, and 190 business ideas submitted. The contest page attracted a significant audience, with 486,386 online visitors, and about 1,000 students actively participated in the online categories. Simultaneously, the onsite contest received 351 projects and 304 posters from students representing 69 different schools across the UAE. In total, 108 schools participated, including online and onsite, in this year’s MASE competition, showcasing its broad appeal and significance.

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