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Health is wealth! We all know this.  However, while living our fast-paced professional lives, health often gets ignored. Many people nowadays think fitness and health is all aboutlooking great. But total wellness means staying healthy from body, mind, and inner self.

The people we admire, inspire us the most. And if they are someone who can inspire millions, then their lifestyles draw attention

Meet two amazing professionals who have influenced millions with their simple healthy practices.

Gilles Marini, 45 – This handsome and charming actor made the world skip a heartbeat when he appeared on movies and TV after a career in sports.

The former Vogue model and People Magazine’s, delivered many amazing performances in movies, television series and reality shows.

Marini leads a very balanced and disciplined lifestyle and practices staying healthy in mind, body and spirit and is immensely respected forhiskind demeanor.

His day begins with 2 glasses of water, followed by adelectable homemade omelettewith chicken tomatoes, avocado, and cheese. Marini prefers a protein packed lunch, and light dinner. He enjoys healthy snacking through the day, but avoids fried food, soda and gluten.

He practices full body toning exercises that includes squats, push-ups, upper and lower body strength training. He is a jiu-jitsu black belt practitionerand dedicates several days in the week practicing it, encouraging others too.

You can find him working around the house, building new things, hiking,trekking, and spending time amidst nature. He says it keeps him rejuvenated.


Rajesh Shringarpure, 43

Celebrated for his amazing performances in television and cinema, Bollywood’s hulk is known for adjusting his looks and body type with the character he plays and brilliantly portraying them.

He owes his health and wellness secrets to a disciplined life with healthy eating and exercises, and emphasizes the importance of a spiritually inclined mind, that enables him to stay calm and detach from anything that disrupts the peace within.

Despite a daily 16 hours schedule,he maintains a weekly workout routinewith weight training, cardio exercises and completes his 10k steps every day. Good books and music helps him relax.

His diet comprises home-made food, avoiding junk andpracticing intermittent fasting.

They say wise men think alike, and boththe actors share very similar practices – emphasizing the importance of being conscious of what we consume in body and mind. The term ‘food for thought’ implies ideas, learnings or thoughts that affect us and shape our minds.

Both the stalwarts express the value in filtering out the external noise and enhancing one’s life by improving the quality of one’s thoughts. Practicing calmness with meditation or yoga, exercising to release the toxic energies, and eating healthy are simple habits that goes a long way.

So, to be healthy, be mindful of everything that affects your mind and body.  Indeed, when it comes to overall health and wellness, our diet, actions, thoughts, and lifestyle plays an important role. Staymindful and look and feel fit and fabulous!


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