Fidda Al Marzouqi Talks Trends

Fidda Al Marzouqi is an Abu Dhabi based fashion designer and founder of Emirati Couture brand, Cabochon. Her creative persona aligns well with her leadership and entrepreneurial qualities, highlighting her execution of stunning haute couture pieces that are aimed at making women feel absolutely regal and breathtaking in their beauty. Here are her top tips for modest dressing…

Body Type
“Even when it comes to conservative wear or kaftans, make sure you select one that is appropriate to your body type. I always believe that our clients know best, and we help customize their kaftans and dresses to create the best fit for their lifestyle and body type. For smaller body types, the right choice would be a kaftan that follows the silhouette and stays with you as you. For well-structured friends out there, I would recommend a more drapey dress that creates a flowing look and gives the body a nice silhouette.”

Summer-friendly Fabrics
“It is important to focus on fabrics that are summer friendly and also fancy at the same time. Kaftans in general are very loose and airy; most of our kaftans are made using light and very flattering crepe. We also like Crepe de Chine, French and Italian dentelle, tulle, and chiffon that are part of the new Cabochon collection.”

Accessorizing The Kaftan And The Hijab
“Accessorizing the kaftan and the hijab is something fun.
In this case, the headgear can be simpler to highlight the beauty of the dress. We also custom make scarves along with kaftans. Choosing one color works better than a pattern.
A sheer chiffon scarf can be worn over the hijab and is the perfect, light fabric that could accompany your kaftan.”

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