Fast Forward Beauty This Spring with Urban Decay

BeautyEdgy, colorful and always on-trend, Urban Decay beauty takes the concept of make-up to a higher level. HEALTH meets Urban Decay’s Regional PR and Communications Manager Tamara Kobaissi who reveals the upcoming spring 2016 beauty trends to look out for.

Q. What are three big make-up trends for spring 2016 we can look out for?

First, the spring color trends in eye shadows range in shades of creamy pale pink, light purple, pale green, a touch of off-white and light beige.
Second, blushes in light pink and brown, and finally lipstick colors in light, neutral and pale pink will be on-trend.

Q. How have make-up trends changed from 2015 to 2016?

Tamara: 2015 highlighted a massive trend in contouring and highlighting. With the beginning of 2016, we have witnessed a continuation of this trend, however we will be witnessing a great move to bold colors in eye shadows and flashy lipsticks during the summer season, and the color purple will definitely be a key color in different shades throughout the year.

Q. What are the key ways to instantly infuse glamour into a make-up routine?

Tamara: There is a big focus around the eyes; so one way is to add a winged eye-liner for a glamorous look. Also, lining and defining your eyebrows with a suitable color and shape definitely adds to your overall look. And finally and most importantly, applying a moisturizer and primer on your face before applying any powder or foundation definitely enhances your make-up.

Q. What are the key products all women need for this season?

Tamara: The Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette is a must for all women as the colors fuse into a beautiful combination for any day or night look. Also, the Revolution Highcolor Lipgloss in Bittersweet from Urban Decay is surely a must-try as it is a high-coverage pigmented gloss with a super creamy formula which makes your lips look fuller. And lastly, the Perversion Mascara from Urban Decay which has a brush that grabs and fans out lashes to coat them from root to tip and makes lashes appear thicker, longer, and stronger.

Q. If a woman can only carry three make-up items in her kit, what should they be?

Tamara: Liquid eye-liner as you can give focus on the eyes, a lip liner as you can line your lips for a bigger-look effect and also use it as a lipstick, and finally a blush/bronzer to add some color or contouring across your cheekbones.

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