Embrace Your Shape

All of us have unique physique types and figures but that doesn’t have to imply our sense of style should suffer. HEALTH looks at women can learn to dress stylishly for our particular body shape…

The Ways to Dress for Our Particular Shape

  • According To Kelly Lundberg, Brainchild Of Divine Personal Styling And Shopping, The Key For Dressing For Your Particular Body Shape Is All About Creating A More Balanced Look. Here’s How to do It:
  • Women who are pear shaped should focus their attention upwards, looking for detail on clothing that draws the eye to the top half of the body. This may be an embellished necklace or a sleeve detail which will draw the eye to the slimmest part of your body.
  • Apple shaped body shapes, on the other hand, often find their weight is around the tummy- “So patterns can be a great distraction, just keep it small,” says Lundberg. “Draw the eye to your shapely bust line by choosing a well-fitted bra and also tops with V-necks are a good choice.”
  • Another body shape is ‘column’ where you will tend to be tall and not curvy so the key is to create the illusion of some curves, says Lundberg. “Anything with a belt or waist detail that you can cinch in works well.”
  • Avoid wearing one color head to-toe and instead look for dramatic bold prints to give the body shape.
  • For hourglass shaped women, the key is not what you wear on the outside but what you wear underneath. Look for fabrics that are soft and silky that accentuate and skim over your curves. And wrap-around tops are your friend because they create a ‘V’ on the neckline and show off your waist.
  • Another body type is ‘cello which is a bit curvier than hourglasses. The best way to overcome the curves is to wear scoop necks as they flatter your chest area. Try to wear trousers and skirts that are looser at the bottom and an A-line shape can really add shape to your hips and thighs.
  • For women with an inverted triangle body shape, choose bottoms that will enhance your lower body and help balance your upper body and look for great shoes that will draw the eye downwards.


  • Prints can work well at disguising imperfections. Look for blouses that are lighter weight and have stretch in them.
  • Some other simple and fast solutions to enhance a larger woman’s body shape include first and foremost, pay attention to your neckline as a v-shaped neckline will lengthen your neck and the lines of your body. And lifting the length of your dress slightly above the knee can give the illusion of longer legs.
  • The type of fabric is paramount as certain fabrics can give the look of bulkiness or heaviness. Instead choose fabrics which are slightly stretchy but not clingy.


  • Use caution when buying pants. Choose pants with a smooth front: no pleats as pleated pants poof out below the waistband, drawing attention to your stomach.
  • Buy clothes that fit you. Whether you are a size 2 or a size 22, if you wear the wrong size clothes, you’ll end up looking bigger than you are.
  • Highlight your good parts; draw attention to your neck with an eye catching necklace, or other accessories.
  • Work on your posture. Stand up straight, pull your stomach in, and your shoulders back.

(Credit: www.wikihow.com)

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