Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating

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Do you find yourself constantly grazing from the fridge, particularly at night, eating anything that comes your way? Overeating is like an addiction and it might make you feel upset. The weight piles on and you feel less and less in control. Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating‘Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating’ is a lifesaver, written by an addiction specialist, Gillian Riley. Her book isn’t a dieting bible – dieting only works for a short time, before the weight comes back on. In her book, she empowers you to clearly see and understand your addictive behaviour that leaves you feeling miserable. Instead she gives you the necessary techniques to control your thoughts and eating. It empowers you to make your own choices that aren’t fuelled by obsession and addictive behaviour.

Her easy-to-read book will give you the help you need to gain a healthy relationship with food, no more worrying about what and when to eat, feeing bad about what you just ate and getting anxious about what to eat next. You’ll be in control of your food intake and learn to enjoy eating well and less and thereby losing weight.

I think that if you have been struggling with compulsive eating and have tried to sort it out with unsuccessful dieting, then ‘Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating’ is a must-have book. With its help you will be able to change your mindset to live a healthier and “lighter” life.

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