Dress Up For a Dubai Winter

hm-articlesWhile it never really gets freezing cold here in the uae, still, as the Temperatures drop and the air gets crisp and cool, we do enjoy reaching For our winter wear. Health asks home grown fashion designer Kristina Fidelskaya her tips for looking fabulous in the winter.

The Tips

Invest in Outerwear

Winter is always about finding the right coat. Opt for one of the classic Kristina Fidelskaya Dress Coats to complete any look from casual to formal or day to night.


Winter in Dubai is unlike any other. It can still be warm during the day, but cold at night. Sometimes it can be hot outside but cold inside. In order to be prepared, layer your
clothes to bring depth to your look while also being ready for temperature changes. Our AW16 Wool Vests and Capes are the perfect complement to any layered outfit.

Have a Go-To LBD

A woman should always have a goto Little Black Dress in her closet. The KF Cashmere LBD features edgy silhouettes and a favorite detail – pockets.

Mix and Match

Summer swimsuits aren’t the only items you can mix and match. Why not mix and match your favorite AW statement pieces to create a new look? Try one of our KF Cotton
Twill Tops with a Wool Mini Skirt to give a winter feel without getting too hot.

Wear Winter White

Winter white looks clean and sophisticated. The right shade will have you stand out from the crowd of darker winter hues. See options of winter whites in Kristina Fidelskaya’s AW16 Wool Sets and Dresses.

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