Do you know what you are putting on your face?

Stop relying on social media fads and your friends to tell you which skin cream is good for your skin. Instead, check out this list of common skin ingredients to avoid.

Mineral oil:

A petroleum by-product, this is also comedogenic meaning it clogs the pores. Once applied on the skin, it coats the surface similar to plastic and blocks the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins. It also promotes acne and ultimately, may lead to possible premature aging.

Propylene glycol or PGs:
Used as anti-freeze and brake fluid, PGs are one of the most widely used ingredients to bind moisture in creams. As these easily penetrate the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure, it often triggers sensitivities and allergies.

Fragrance written on a label may indicate up to 4,000 separate ingredients and can lead to allergic reactions; not only skin allergies, but even respiratory allergies. Sensitive persons should avoid fragrance and look for products clearly labeled as ‘fragrance-free’.

UVA filters:
UVA filters are known as the benzophenones which are a family of chemicals that include oxybenzone and dioxybenzone. These can sensitize the skin, making it prone to inflammation, rashes, and allergic reactions.

(Credit: Dr. Ikramullah Al Nasir, specialist dermatologist)

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