Diet Taboos Before Sleep

It’s about some food taboos that we should avoid before sleep.
Many people like to eat something just before sleep. If you are one of them, avoid the following food at night.
Caffeinated beverage
As is known to all, caffeine has been considered as the cause of insomnia. According to recent research, caffeine won’t increase body energy, but it can increase people vigilance and lead to sleep difficulties.

It contains a lot of amino acids which help human brains produce something that keep people  sober, so sleep will be even more difficult than before.
 Diet Taboos Before Sleep
Spicy food
Excessive spicy food for dinners will lead to sleep problems. Heartburn patients will become hard to fall to sleep after eating spicy food. Therefore, you’d better eat spicy food as early as possible throughout a day.

Processed or baked meat
Processed meat contains a lot of tyrosine which make brain produce exciting substances. Except affecting sleep, processed and baked meat are seen as most unhealthy junk food.

It can make people calm down, but it can cause sleeping difficulty at night. A lot of people get relaxed through drinking alcohol. Actually, it would hamper humanbodies into REM (recurring eye movement), the deeper stage of sleep. That’s why that many people go to asleep after drinking and feel befuddled in the next morning.

Milk chocolate
It contains something that can lead to the night tossing and turning, awake and hard to sleep. Such disturbing substance is called dopamine transformed from tyrosine in milk chocolate.

Ginseng tea
Some herbal tea is helpful to sound sleeping. Remember not to add ginseng into it. Some people  will have insomnia and elevated blood pressure problems, though others do not have such problems. So it’s better not to drink ginseng tea a few hours before sleep.

For sake of health, you’d better not eat the kinds of food that disturb good sleep at night.

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