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Natalie Lines is not only a luxury illustrator and creative director at a leading agency, but also a blogger who chronicles her travels and experiences. HEALTH meets with this creative powerhouse and finds out how she makes it all happen.


“Illustrating is something I’ve always done and never imagined being in any other career path that wasn’t at least creative. I’ve done it professionally for around eight years now.”


“When I was 16, I found that education was steering me in the wrong direction. I was being forced to ignore the massive digital breakthroughs with online portfolios and digital drawing; I felt like I could learn much more on my own. So, I built up my own identifiable style and started working with small magazines and brands until I found my


“Working with Vogue has been the highlight of my career so far, but I have also worked with many top magazines around the world. I also regularly illustrate for global brands including Lancome, Kerastase, Topshop, Bombay Sapphire, and The W Hotel. In terms of the time taken, it really depends on the company as some are a lot stricter than others, but typically I will take one day per piece depending on its intricacy, and then another day for changes and small amendments.”


“Quite simply, I love traveling and photographing and I want to discover more of the world. I love to create posts,  which are all encompassing – fashion, scenery, and good food to try and capture the atmosphere of everywhere I visit, such as the vibrancy of Rome to the serenity in Oman.”


“I’m lucky my blogging is helping me travel and take some stunning pictures of the world. I think Barcelona will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was the starting point in my journey, which led me here,
and to so many opportunities. I always try and visit as often as I can as so many of my closest friends still live there.”


“I love photography, designing, and branding, it’s all in the spectrum of creativity so they overlap nicely.”

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