Over 90% of population will suffer from backache during their life time. Lower backache is more common than upper backache and neck pain. It occurs mainly in the midline in the back ,but in many cases it goes up to leg and foot.

It is no longer a disease of old age as it affects young population also. Sedentary life style, overweight, smoking, unhealthy food habits, unhealthy posture, mental stress, anxiety, strenuous physical work, gym culture are main risk factors.

In most cases symptoms and signs clear up on their own within a short period of time. However one should consult a Doctor if following symptoms and signs are present with backache.

  1. Persistent pain – Rest or lying down has no relief.
  2. Pain radiates to leg/foot
  3. Urine/stool incontinence
  4. Numbness in leg/around genitals.
  5. Difficulty in walking.

Back strain is most commonly caused due to lifting something improperly or something too heavy, it may also result from abrupt and awkward movement.

Structural causes of pain:

  1. Osteoporosis due to low calcium intake or low vitamin D
  2. Disc, Bulging or rupture
  3. Arthritis of spine

Your Doctor after examining may recommend x-rays or MRI of spine. You may also have to do bone densitometry and blood vitamin D levels. After proper diagnosis,  you may get relief by medicines or physiotherapy. If conservative treatment does not give relief within few weeks then you may have to undergo surgery. If your Doctor recommends surgery, do not get scared, you may also take a second opinion from other spinal surgeon.

Now a days minimally invasive/endoscopic surgery is done. It takes less time, give small incision and patient is discharged next day. You can start doing normal activities from next day onwards.

doctor Ishwar

Credit – Dr.Ishwar Chandra Premsagar
Department(Specialty) : Neurosurgery
Thumbay Hospital, Ajman
United Arab Emirates

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