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Question: I am eight months pregnant and after experiencing discomfort while sitting down, was diagnosed with piles. Is this normal and how is it

Dr. Diethart Bayer, general surgeon responds, “Fissures during pregnancy are common, and this is symptomatic of rupturing of skin and tissues in or around the anus. While common cases of piles in women are easily treatable post-partum, when not handled by a professional early on, there can be cause for surgery and irreversible damage as a result of this surprisingly common phenomenon. The standard treatment for anal fissure involves soft-laser application and pain-killing creams. In some cases, the fissure may not be cured with the treatment, and there are chances that the condition might become critical. In such events, the additional treatment procedure will be decided by the doctor after evaluating the scenario in detail.”

Question: Recently my husband’s mother, who was very close to my 6-year-old daughter, passed away. How do we help her cope with the loss?

Farah Dahabi, clinical social worker who leads a grief center responds, “If you are old enough to love, you are old enough to grieve. A 6-year-old child will struggle to understand the finality of death, which means she will ask the same questions repeatedly. It is natural for her to feel a range of emotions and her grief will come in waves.” Here are Farah Dahabi’s key tips for supporting a grieving child: Be truthful. Answer the questions she asks – even the difficult ones. Don’t delay sharing the news. Maintain structure and routine to reinforce a sense of safety. This can help kids feel normal and grounded. Tell her how you’re feeling: Kids are more likely to express their feelings if they see you expressing yours.


Question: I am considering liposuction to help with my muffin top. Can you explain how liposuction works and is it different from liposculpture?

Dr. Francisco de Melo, senior plastic surgeon responds, “Liposuction and liposculpture are two words for the same procedure. The technique is similar, and I think that the word ‘liposculpture’ is more a marketing-driven word. The principle behind these techniques is to remove fat in a way that will improve the body contour. They should be small or minimally invasive, and the fat will be excised through small skin incisions using a cannula connected to a vacuum pump or a syringe. These can be done with the help of different power assisted systems and can be performed in very different areas. It can be done under general or local anesthesia, depending essentially on the extent of the procedure andthe risk factors of the patient.”

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