Are you in a so-so Marriage ?

Nobody talks about the humdrum of routine that sets in marriage once the kids are busy with school, your husband is working hard at his career, and you are settled in your own routine. Yet for some women, so-so relationships require as much effort as problematic relationships. HEALTH delves deeper…


Far from disastrous marriages we expect to fall apart quickly, these so-so marriages, explains Dr. Kennon Rider, associate professor at Zayed University and marriage/family therapist, are neither on the rocks, or blissfully happy. “In these so-so marriages, things are not too bad, but also there is not much real joy,” he says. They rock along, which for some, can feel stagnant sometimes, especially when people reach middle age.

Take Our Quiz to Find Out if You’re On Your Way to a So-So Marriage:

Q. Does your conversation mostly revolve around practicalities such as the children, the home, or only work?

If yes, remember that boredom and discontent can affect both men and women. It is imperative that both should talk about what’s happening openly and together try and figure out how to reinvent the relationship.

Q. Was the last time you did anything actively fun together over 12 months ago? And you have nothing planned anytime soon?

If yes, try to recall together the simple things you did during the early years of marriage that made you both happy and work on doing more of that.

Q. Do you only go out as a family and never as a couple? Is this starting to put a damper on your relationship?

If yes, work at scheduling date nights or days when you both can spend meaningful and quality time together.

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