Alcohol rehabilitation – The 12 step program

Alcohol rehabilitation – The 12 step program

The first step of the program refers to the addition of the alcohol dependency and acceptance of the fact that the patient is powerless to alcohol, which leads to significant and unwanted life changes. After admitting the problem, the patients deal with admitting that they can recover from the unwanted condition and leave healthy lives again, due to a power “greater than themselves”. The third step of the program concentrates upon this “greater power”, which is associated with God; the patients accept that God can lead their lives and behavior, by guiding their wills in the right direction.

Alcohol rehabilitation

After the first steps that admit the problem and the power to change it, the patients are asked to make a morel introspection of themselves, in order to discover their needs and expectations regarding their problem. Admitting their mistakes to themselves, to God, to their family and friends represents the step that follows and which is the base of a process that accepts that patients are capable, as humans, to commit wrongs. This process, which is expressed in the steps from 5 to 9, includes asking for help from the “greater power” in order to remove the shortcomings, but also, it implies listing the persons that were affected in the past by the patient’s wrong means and asking them for understanding and forgiveness. Making direct amends to relatives and acquaintances is represented in step number 9 and it is the base for the further conduct, as patients are thought to continue observing their inner self and promptly admit their mistakes.

The last 2 steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous program refer to improving the contact that the patients established with God and constantly praying and asking for knowledge to entirely overcome their condition. Step 12 basically refers to the accomplishment of a spiritual awakening, as a result of the recovery steps and accepting and willing to teach other alcoholic patients to discover and overcome their problem. The ending result of the twelve-step program in alcohol rehab is sharing the experience, believes and behavior means with the others, in order to prevent further collapses and live a healthy life. Full body detox treatments are the most sought after toxin removing remedies that help people rebalance their bodies, achieving a very good health condition. Lots of doctors are recommending to their patients to follow a full body detox treatment in order to get healthier and of course, to ease the healing treatments they must take for recovering from different diseases. A general cleansing diet is recommended to be done from time to time even for people who don’t seem to suffer from any chronic or profound maladies because the effect of a full body detox may prevent the development of many diseases and also it increases the body’s immune system.

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