5 Reasons You Should Consider Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

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Obesity is a global pandemic and rates are growing significantly in the Middle East. In the Middle East, obesity affects women more than men. Weight loss surgery is one way to address morbid obesity in order to improve health.

For those with morbid obesity, the weight causes many different health issues, while there are many types of bariatric surgery, all result in more than just weight loss. Read on to learn the reasons why you should consider bariatric weight loss surgery.

  1. Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Improves Your Cardiovascular Disease
    Losing weight helps to lower your blood pressure and improve many cardiovascular diseases (i.e., congestive heart disease, peripheral artery disease, etc.). One recent article pointed to a significant reduction in overall cardiovascular disease risk after bariatric surgery.
  2. Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Reduces Other Health Conditions
    Besides reducing the pressure on your heart, bariatric surgery improves your blood glucose. For most, there is a resolution of Type 2 diabetes shortly after surgery. Results are more significant for Roux en Y, and Gastric sleeve, but still happens with other weight loss surgeries. Weight loss surgery also improves obstructive sleep apnea.
    Sleep apnea is caused by a restriction in airflow during sleep. It impacts sleep cycles, which also makes losing weight without surgery difficult. After bariatric surgery, you can expect to eliminate the need for a CPAP machine.
  3. Bariatric Surgery Improves Depression
    Many obese people experience depression because of poor body image and social stigma.
    Even young who are living with significant excess weight find it difficult to participate in activities they might otherwise enjoy, leading to social isolation and depression. Losing this excess weight can improve emotional health in these patients. It was found that people who underwent bariatric surgery had a 32.7% decrease in depression at the time of surgery and 16.5% decrease six to 12 months after surgery.
  4. After Bariatric Surgery, You Can Expect a Reduction in Joint Pain
    Obesity causes many health issues. Your joints, and muscles, are also affected by excess weight. Many of the daily joint aches and pains will be improved post-surgery. If you follow the diet and exercise recommendations of your health care team you will also notice an increase in muscle tone, which will make you feel and look better.
  5. Some Fertility Issues Improve, Post Surgery
    Infertility is frustrating. Excess weight can impact hormonal levels making getting pregnant difficult. The weight that is lost post-surgery makes getting pregnant easier. You should discuss your plans to get pregnant with your care team to ensure that you are completely healed from surgery before you conceive.

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