Swimming is not only immensely enjoyable for kids, but is a great way to keep them active, healthy, and off their gadgets. HEALTH presents the top reasons why kids need to learn how to swim…

Boosts Family Time
Swimming is the ideal activity, not just for kids, but the entire family. Once you’re in the water with your kids, they will associate it with being a safe and secure place. Plan your child’s swimming day with yours to help boost your entire family’s wellbeing and have lots of fun while you do it.

Enhances Social Activity
Being in the water and swimming in a class with other children help a child learn the value of healthy competition, working as a team, and cooperation.

Get in Shape… Together
Swimming provides a high intensity cardio workout for your kids, which is well needed in a time where sedentary lifestyles are talking over, coupled with the heavy dose of studies from schools.

Teaches Self Discipline
Swimming inculcates a habit of self-discipline, as is the case with any sport. Participating in relays in the water, learning new skills, and mastering swimming strokes are all part and parcel of selfdiscipline. Also being ready on time and in the proper clothing helps a child gain mastery over time and managing it properly.

A Skill for Life
Once a child has learned a skill, it is for life. Swimming has so many health and wellbeing benefits, and once a child learns to love the sport, it will most likely continue it into adulthood.

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