What Are The Health Benefits Of Music?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Music? The power of music has been the subject of several fascinating studies over the past few decades. Researchers are delving into the possibilities of music therapy to treat disorders, stimulate the mind and body, and even help in recuperation after illness. Several research studies have been commissioned by organizations like the National Institutes of HealthRead more about What Are The Health Benefits Of Music?[...] Read More

Celebrity Beauty Blogger Najla Kaddour Talks Make-up

Celebrity Beauty Blogger Najla Kaddour Talks Make-up Najla Kaddour is a Dubai based make-up artist and blogger who launched her blog because she wanted to share her experiences as a make-up artist and beauty expert. The blog has developed over the past years and has now become a platform where you can find anything beauty related. Q HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS AND WHY SPECIFICALLY BEAUTY? Najla:Read more about Celebrity Beauty Blogger Najla Kaddour Talks Make-up[...] Read More

What are Fibroids?

What are Fibroids? We often hear of women getting fibroids in the uterus, but most people are not sure of what they are or how they happen. HEALTH investigates. DEFINED Uterine fibroid tumors are defined by Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Iliana Dmitrieva as nodules composed of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue. It is important to note that most fibroids are benign and malignant fibroids are rare. She says thatRead more about What are Fibroids?[...] Read More

Warm Up Cool & Down

Warm Up Cool & Down EXERCISE is the key word for keeping yourself fit in this world of sedentary life style. Any kind of exercise which suits your body is good for your health. But it will give results only if it is scheduled properly. As for any work first we prepare ourselves for that work. Same applies to exercise.Read more about Warm Up Cool & Down[...] Read More