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Distinctive and unique, Turkish furniture adds a traditional, yet fully functional style in any home space. HEALTH meets with Aycil Aktug, Regional Director of Turkish Furniture brand Sandalyeci Furniture Trading DMCC who discusses trends in interiors.

“If you are renovating or decorating your home, look out for trends that interior designers are harping about at the moment. With social media offering global influence, scouting the Internet offers amazing inspirations for makeovers and access to trends from around the world. It is important to add personality to your space so make sure to include unique pieces that represent individuality; a statement piece is a great conversation starter so have one, whatever it may be, just add a bit of you in the room.”

Understated Luxury
“Understated luxury is trending the world over and while you want your home to feel luxurious, it must also be warm and welcoming. A combination of modern and antique furniture continues to trend with reclaimed wooden pieces making a comeback; pick styles that complement your overall interior setting; shades of neutral and royal blue bring a certain class to a place without overdoing it. You want to have a space that seems effortless, so splurge on a few gold or copper fixtures to infuse a bit of glamour to your beautiful interiors.”


Ways to Add a Wow Factor to Any Space

  • Bespoke lighting and custom furnishings can be expensive, but inexpensive alternatives are easily available to create a great interior.
  • Design is no longer confined to one dimension or theme; use contrasting elements for a wow effect.
  • Play with colors for walls or upholstery to lift a dull space.
  • Choose a palette to flatter the size of your room or even place a mirror to falsely widen the area.
  • Wallpaper laid on a single wall and placing iconic furniture pieces in front of it such as an antique arm chair or a classic table gives the room a focal point.
  • Large windows allow plenty of natural sunlight, but create artificial lighting if your room is dim.
  • Strategic placement of lamps and ambient lights give the setting a gorgeous reflection of the room.
  • Add a piece of art, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but certainly something to draw attention and add to your décor.
  • Accessories, fresh flowers, and plants can make a house a home.
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