Weaving Floral Elements in Your Living Space

Not only do fresh flowers infuse color and a touch of nature into your living space, they help impart positive energy and a feel-good factor. Alissar Mzayek, CEO and Creative Director of Alissar Flowers explains how to weave a floral element into the home just in time for the festive season.


“Flowers enhance our connection to nature. With our busy lives, sometimes it is important to appreciate the beauty of simple things that nature can provide. Flowers can make us feel happier and more connected. They have that power.”


“Fresh flowers can totally transform your house or apartment. From the living room to the kitchen, there is no right or wrong way to include flowers. However, with that being said, it is very important that every individual adds his or her own touch. If you aren’t a flowers connoisseur, there are always seasonal flowers that will transform your house and make you feel better when you come home; our suggestion is to attract extra attention to the living room. A combination of green plants with flowers is always a success. Select a space in your house and add some green plants with a stylish pot that matches the interior of your living room. Then just complement it with some gorgeous flowers.”


“There’s always a right way to take care of flowers—change the water daily and cut the stems regularly to make sure the flowers last longer, but there is no right or wrong way of choosing your favorite flowers and mixing colors. Go with whatever makes you feel good.”


“We love the festive season. People fill their houses with love and flowers, and the atmosphere is contagious. Amongst the flower world, there are the preferred ones for the season: poinsettias, amaryllis, Ilex, and fresh garlands are always nice. Also, add some cinnamon sticks or Star Anise, fresh pinecones and fresh leaves. Your house will look and smell amazing. Always make sure to add some candles. They are the perfect combination to set the right mood for the festive season.”

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