The ultimate seafood indulgence at crazy fish Dubai

Open since February 2018 in DIFC, Monte Carlo-born Crazy Fish Dubai is one of the only restaurants here that serves some of the freshest, wildly caught seafood from the Mediterranean Sea in a fine dining setting.

Brought here by Flavio Briatore and headed by executive chef Franco Blois, this seafood haven offers a market-style ice display for fresh fish and an aquarium for lobsters.

We began with Pecorino cheese and a tuna amuse bouche. From the raw starters, we had the apple wood smoked Tuna Tartare with Crushed Potatoes drizzled over with lemon which was a multi-sensory treat. Next, we enjoyed the raw sea bass fish rolls with slivers of prawns inside, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and red pepper. The Sea Bass Tartare with Avocado and Lime was my favorite with its subtle flavors of avocado, while the Red King Prawns Carpaccio with Pink Himalayan Salt was a juxtaposition of creamy and muted salty flavors.

Next, we enjoyed a platter of crispy Frito Mistosquid, baby shrimp, and sea bream- garnished over with lemon and tartar sauce. Also the Red Prawns and Aubergine Rolls with Red Endive and Parmesan hit all the right notes. From the platter of baby shrimps, lobster, and prawns served with shavings of blackened eggplant, the seafood was incredibly tender and loaded with flavor.

Our main course was Gnocchetti with Red King Prawns, Cherry Tomatoes, and Pecorino Cheese. It was a soothing and comforting dish that was a delicious way to end this superb meal. But a grand finale is always dessert and we had Fruitcini which was fruit and nuts on ice, each one encased with sorbet. It was an extremely innovative way to serve fruit as a dessert. Lastly, the deconstructed Mille Feuille put together at the table was a dreamy concoction of pastry with vanilla cream and fruit.

The Verdict: Seafood is the star of the menu and cooked simply, the flavors retained the integrity of the seafood. This is a must-visit for the freshest and highest quality seafood in Dubai.

Location: Al Fattan Currency House DIFC – Dubai.

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