The Top Brightening Creams

Brightening CreamFrom the heat of the summer rays to the harsh dryness of air conditioning, after summer, our skin can look dull, patchy and just lackluster. Health presents some of its favorite top brightening creams for a clearer, smoother and more flawless complexion.

1. Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure® Vitamin C Brightening Serum

How it Works: This product repairs damage from aging, sun, stress and poor diet to reverse the visible signs of aging and promote collagen growth. It incorporates all three forms of Vitamin C which treat both the lipid-soluble and water-soluble layers of the skin to repair existing damage and prevent future damage to collagen.

Price: Dhs 465 for a 30 ml jar

Stockist: The Dollhouse Dubai, Sensasia Urban Spas, Beauty Within Clinic,

2. Moisture White Shiso Night treatment

How it works: While you sleep this product will help renew your skin’s appearance, combating hyper pigmentation so you can enjoy a brighter complexion. Massage this treatment cream into your skin, so the shiso extract, Vitamin C, liquorice and Community Trade aloe vera can help you wake up to skin that feels supple and smooth.

Price: Dhs 149

Stockist: All Body Shop retailers

3. Nutriganics Drop cream of Youth serum

With now 8 in 10 Asian women currently using this product and one bottle sold every minute, this certified organic serum contains criste-marine plant stem cells and beech bud extract, known to help enhance surface skin renewal. The miracle product will give your clearer and more luminous skin almost instantly without being greasy or heavy.

Price: Dhs 99

Stockist: All Body Shop outlets

4. Dermamelan Treatment cream by Mesoesthetic

How it Works: This is a light easy to apply cream which does not require daily application to get fantastic results. Using a potent cocktail of ingredients most notably kojic acid to brighten the skin and lift pigmentation this cream is far safer than other products on the market which may contain hydroquinone. Developed for use purely in the medical sector, Dermamelan cream offers quick and effective results in just a few applications. Results can be enhanced by the Dermamelan mask which is carried out by a licensed Practitioner.

Price: Dhs 1060

Stockist: Dermalase clinic

5. Kiehl’s Clearly CorrectiveTM White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream

How it works: Clearly CorrectiveTM White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream, featuring the potent and powerful Activated C plus hydrating Glycerin and moistureenhancing Ceramide, is clinically-demonstrated to impart an overall improvement in skin clarity. Clearly CorrectiveTM White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream works to aid in correcting visible uneven skin tone while helping to deter the appearance of new pigmentation irregularities on skin’s surface, all while providing continuous 24-hour hydration for instant luminosity and overall skin uniformity.

Price: Dhs 303

Stockist: Kiehl’s Boutique, Dubai Mall; Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall; Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates.

6. Guerlain Blanc De Perle brightening mask roll on

How it Works: A refreshing and whitening roll-on mask with a fresh creamy texture that is easy to apply & massage, this mask is enriched with P.E.A.R.L. complex for superior whitening power effectively minimizes size and the intensity of dark spots. The cream features a roll-on applicator that promotes microcirculation and enhances the absorption of whitening ingredients into the skin.

Price: Dhs 498 for 60 ml

Stockist: Guerlain counters at the major cosmetics and perfume outlets, Paris Gallery, Debenhams

7. Clarins Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel

How it works: With its unique fresh, gentle feel, this exfoliating lotion is simply applied using a cotton pad. Its formula, based on very gentle fruit acids and obtained from tamarind fruit, breaks the intercellular links that still join partially separated surface cells and so encourages their natural elimination. This lotion leaves skin smoother, softer and brighter and only needs to be used once or twice a week.

Price: Dhs 174

Stockist: Leading retailers in the UAE

8. “h” Serum

How it works: This is the world’s first clinical serum with Nano-Claire GY™, a bio-engineered growth factor that helps replace vital nutrients lost with age. “h” Serum recreates the essential energy of human growth hormones (hGH) naturally produced in the body to speed up cellular turnover for youthful, healthy skin and is a favorite amongst celebrities.

Price: Dhs 900

Stockist: Bloomingdale’s, the Dubai Mall and Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates


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