Best Exercises During Pregnancy

Best Exercises During Pregnancy There are many ways to stay fit and healthy while pregnant, and some of the best exercises during pregnancy include plie bends, leg lifts, planks, weight training, walking, swimming, cycling, elliptical machines, yoga, low-impact aerobics, and many more! Pregnancy and Exercising Pregnancy can be a stressful time, what with the expectation of a child onRead more about Best Exercises During Pregnancy[...] Read More

How to deal with constipation in Pregnancy?

How to deal with constipation in Pregnancy? Though pregnancy is a wonderful time in Life, one of the most common complaints many women face is Constipation. Health Finds out how women can deal with this pesky problem. Reasons According to studies, nearly three out of four pregnant women will experience constipation and other bowel issues at some point. During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone increases which triggersRead more about How to deal with constipation in Pregnancy?[...] Read More