15 Best Vitamins For Women

15 Best Vitamins For Women Nowadays women are more health conscious than what they were some decades back. Women who are responsible for bearing children and for rearing them, need to look after their health not only during the child bearing years but even after that in order to prevent the onset of ailments like breast cancer. Women are oftenRead more about 15 Best Vitamins For Women[...] Read More

18 tips for natural lowering your blood sugar

18 tips for natural lowering your blood sugar Consume diabetic-friendly foods. Some options include avocado slices, baked chicken, peaches, and cucumbers. Create a blueberry green smoothie using a handful of fresh blueberries, three baby spinach leaves, a cup of plain Greek yogurt and two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Drink it for breakfast as a way to lower blood sugar in the morning. Use coconut flour in your recipes when baking assortedRead more about 18 tips for natural lowering your blood sugar[...] Read More

Love your Summer Workout

Love your Summer Workout Summers can be harder to maintain your workout and overall healthy lifestyle. HEALTH speaks to an expert about the best ways to prepare for your summer fitness goals. Before, during, and after exercise, the key to staying energized and refreshed is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated at all times. Don’t wait toRead more about Love your Summer Workout[...] Read More