YaSalam Restaurant Corroborates UAE Ministry’s Healthy Restaurant Initiative

Superfood-(In-Brown-Multi-Grain)---LogoYaSalam, a Bahrain-based restaurant chain that has created and launched healthy unique food concepts since 1987, supports UAE Ministry’s ‘healthy restaurant initiative’ to encourage restaurants to include healthy options in the menu.

Ministry has taken steps to promote healthy living habits among the residents in the context of the alarming rate of obesity, particularly among children. According to a survey released in 2015 by Zurich International Life, 47.5 per cent of UAE residents were overweigh with a BMI of between 25 and 30, while another 13 per cent were obese, with a BMI of over 30.

“We are proud to show our solidarity with the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s announcement. YaSalam is committed to providing a variety of succulent, fresh and nutritious options while retaining the great flavor and taste. “Said Hamad Rashed Isa, Director of AlAbraaj Restaurants Group, owner and operator in Bahrain of AlAbraaj Restaurants.

According to KPMG’s 2015 UAE Food & Beverage survey report, released in year 2015, revealed that Dubai is expected to see more than 15,400 F&B outlets by 2018, compared with 14,200 in 2015,  it doesn’t look like the dining industry in the Emirate won’t run out of trend anytime soon.

Mr.Hamad continued,” Eating out is a part of culture as well as convenience. Therefore, all the restaurants should support the battle against obesity with the use of fresh ingredients and nutritious meal options on their menu.”

The growing awareness by consumers of what is on their plates has been fascinating. Consumers want to know more about where food comes from, under what conditions it’s prepared. There is an expanding interest in health and nutrition, especially among young restaurant visitors.

Responding to the changing consumer behavior, YaSalam has designed their menu that offers maximum nutrition and prepared using healthier cooking methods that boost flavor and cut calories.

The menu offers multiple healthy options such as Superfood Shawarma; the YaSalam special sandwich made of grilled chicken combined with beetroot, quinoa, avocados, kale and lettuce wrapped in a multigrain brown bread. The menu also offers fresh salad, packed with fresh, nutritious veggies, and fiber filled toppings, another fat-free option with great taste, and also features Halloumi Sandwich stuffed with slices of grilled halloumi cheese, and olives served with chickpeas dip. For an additional healthy twist to these items, only extra virgin olive oil is used for preparation.

“In view of Ministry’s initiative and the rising consumer trends for healthy food; YaSalam is planning to broaden their menu by introducing more healthy options on it,” added Hamad Rashed.

About YaSalam!

YaSalam is a part Abraaj Restaurants Group, a Bahraini-based organization that has created and launched unique food concepts since 1987 with 30 stores in Bahrain and recently opened in Dubai.

YaSalam is a concept that is backed by over 26 years of experience in the restaurant field. The restaurant offers the traditional Arabian fast food with a healthy twist.

Al Abraaj:

Al Abraaj Restaurant originated in October 1987 in Bahrain,  has evolved from a simple “Family” restaurant that serves “popular Middle-Eastern food” to a brand that is synonymous with quality food, refined traditional interiors, and an overall great value for money dining experience.  Al Abraaj has successfully expanded to operate 30 outlets ranging from large “family” restaurants, casual dining eateries, and food-court QSR’s in Bahrain.

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