Verified Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic ‘Beijing TongRenTang’ is celebrating Women this month.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Beijing TongRenTang with its two comprehensive centres providing Verified Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments is celebrating women this month with a host of exclusive services and packages. Be it an adolescent, a mother to be, or a mother of three, TongRenTang has the secret to a healthier life, naturally.

If you’re planning a baby or have already been blessed with one, here’s everything you need to know. Pregnancy or motherhood can be a tumultuous time, with a mix of new feelings of excitement, anticipation, and worry. TongRenTang (TRT) knows how to keep you healthy and placid amidst the roller-coaster ride you’re experiencing. An exclusive Pregnancy Management package helps reduce stress levels, balance hormones, increase milk production, increase fertility in you or also in your man. After going through a drastic change in appearance for carrying over 3 pounds for 9 months, all you need is a booster to de-stress and get back in shape – the solution to which is also at TRT.

The supplier of medicine to imperial families in the Qing Dynasty, TongRenTang, aims at bringing about positive alternative and unique method in the UAE healthcare sector, using 100% Natural Herbs that are certified by the World Health Organization. TongRenTang provides a combination of ancient and scientific techniques and is covered by major insurance companies.

If you’re an adolescent, you’re at the peak of hormonal changes, basically called puberty. TRT gives you a reason to celebrate this time and its side effects by bringing effective curative methods to keep your skin fresh and free of pimples, and aid weight loss. The 3-month Weight Loss program by TongRenTang involves detox, acupuncture, water retention and diet advice. Customers are believed to have lost up to 10kgs through this program with sheer dedication and ideal guidance from the clinic.

The various services and packages, at this traditional Chinese medicine clinic, lead to a healthier lifestyle naturally. TongRenTang with its exceptional packages designed especially for women as part of the Well Woman program provides guidance and traditional treatments at three crucial stages in a woman’s life – puberty or teenage, pregnancy and menopause. Services include, diet plans, consultation, acupuncture, therapies, exercises, and complete guidance to bring you back in healthy shape before summer.

With a history of more than 2000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has formed a unique system to diagnose, prevent and cure illness. With top-class raw materials, excellent workmanship and evident curative effect, TongRenTang brings this beneficial and special science to residents of the UAE through their 2 clinics located at Dubai Healthcare City and Dragon Mart 2. Customers now also have the opportunity of membership benefits that include various discounts and even complimentary treatments.

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