An Industry Is Born : Evo Hemp Releases First U.S. Grown Hemp Product

Boulder, July 6, 2016 – For the first time in nearly 80 years, a food manufacturer is selling U.S. grown hemp products in retail stores. That company is Evo Hemp, based out of Boulder, Colorado.

Evo Hemp has been involved in getting local farmers in Colorado to grow some of the first hemp crops on U.S. soil since it was banned in the 1930’s. Since 1937, it has been illegal to grow hemp at the federal level in the United States. In 2014, Colorado was among three states where growing hemp became legal again. Now, Colorado produces the rich in nutrient seeds known as hemp seeds that go into the products of Evo Hemp.

Ari Sherman, Co-Founder & President at Evo Hemp, describes how hemp can help restore our agricultural economy, “American family farmers have the right to participate in the billion dollar hemp market where Canadian farmers are reaping huge profits of over $250 per acre. By comparison soy, a major crop in the U.S., will net farmers $71 per acre.”

Hemp seeds are known to be a powerful superfood that provides the body with enormous amounts of health benefits. Among the many benefits, hemp seeds have a complete protein profile, they contain the perfect ratio of essential oil and are easily digestible. The production of hemp seeds within the U.S. opposed to Canada where Evo hemp was originally importing their hemp seeds from, will decrease the amount of carbon emissions being used. This is important for Evo Hemp due to their passion about being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

About Evo Hemp

Evo Hemp’s vision is to provide the finest and most delicious hemp food the world has to offer, while supplying people with all the essential nutrients to live a happy and healthy life. People are always looking for healthy and nutritional alternatives when it comes to snacking. The company based in Boulder, Colorado can finally declare its products to be truly “Made in America.” Learn more at

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