Aster@Home announces innovative distance monitoring for chronic disease patients

Aster-at-Home_Aster-GraceDUBAI, 27 January 2016: Aster Hospital and Clinics, a popular healthcare provider in the UAE and part of the Dubai-based healthcare conglomerate Aster DM Healthcare, has announced that it is taking personalised healthcare to the next level as it launches its pioneering Aster@Home programme designed to help the local community address their medical needs from the comfort of their own homes.

Personalised and bespoke services in the UAE are growing in demand along with increased flexibility and mobility of services. Aster@Home was therefore envisioned to deliver compassionate care to patients not just from the hospital and clinics but also at home through innovative and specialised new platforms. Aster@Home will enable patients to get basic healthcare services at home for initiatives relating to pharmacy deliveries, doctor’s visits, nursing services and more.

Speaking during Arab Health, Dr. Azad Moopen, Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare said: “We are continuously searching for ways that we can use both new technology and opportunities in medicine to help set a standard that contributes towards the UAE Vision 2021 national agenda in providing a world-class healthcare system. Through the Aster@Home programme, we are further able to address the medical needs of our patients both before and after their clinic and hospital visits. By enabling a smooth, easy-to-use mobile service we hope we are seeking to improve the health of the nation even further.”

One of the highlights of Aster@Home is its home monitoring system for diabetic and hypertensive patients under its “Aster Chronic Disease Care” programme. With diabetes affecting over 1 million people or 19% of population in the UAE alone (International Diabetes Federation’s Diabetes Atlas 2015) and cardiovascular diseases on the rise, Aster will support the challenges presented by those facing the lifestyle-related disease and in particular aid those who require extra care due to elevated levels of glucose or suffer from hypertension.  In its initial phase, patients will be given free gadgets to help monitor their sugar levels or blood pressure at home. This programme has shown successful results during its pilot phase.

The diabetes and blood pressure home monitoring devices are provided for free to Aster clinic patients who can choose to subscribe to the home monitoring programme, following doctor’s advice. Daily readings will be captured and instantly recorded or sent via USB cable or Bluetooth to a smart phone, shared through Android or iPhone application and also can be easily made accessible to the doctor via cloud technology. If any concerning reading is captured the patient will automatically receive an SMS and phone call from the clinic. If necessary, the patient will also be asked to visit the clinic immediately, without the need for prior booking, to be treated by the doctor.

Alisha Moopen, Executive Director and CEO – Hospitals and Clinics, GCC said: “For Aster, care for our communities and patients transcends beyond the walls of our establishments and this is why we are investing in innovative solutions to make it easier for patients to get treatment in a way that best suits them. Aster@Home is a novel offering to the UAE and we are proud to pioneer this initiative. We are moving towards a disease management model with more pro-active, personalised and holistic approach that not only includes medical advice, but also implement lifestyle changes for better results and management of such chronic diseases.”

Aster@Home currently includes services such as the Doctor-On-Call800-ASTER, free home delivery of medicines by Aster Pharmacy, nursing and physiotherapy home care services by Aster Grace Nursing & Physiotherapy in Abu Dhabi.

Patients who would like to avail medical advice for trivial conditions at an ease of being at home/office/hotel room, etc., may avail of Aster’s Doctor-On-Call 800-ASTER, a mobile medical practice available any time of the day. The doctors are able to provide non-emergency care for ailments such as fever, upper respiratory tract infections, cough and colds, flu and pneumonia, vomiting and diarrhoea, allergic reactions, dizziness, gastrointestinal and urinary tract infections, among others.

For patients who run out of medications and have no immediate capability to go to the nearest pharmacy, Aster Pharmacy is able to deliver right at their doorsteps for their convenience. By calling 800-ASTER, the pharmacy will provide free delivery of the required medications.

Aster Grace is another novel initiative under Aster@Home wherein families of patients can book a nurse or physiotherapist to provide care. The service, initially available in Abu Dhabi, helps both patients and their families to have expert medical assistance at home for continued care. It also takes out the worry for family members who cannot stay home during the day to look after unhealthy loved ones.

Aster@Home are also planning to launch a series of new initiatives including home sample collection services for laboratory tests, post-natal care for mothers who need extra hands to attend to their babies, post-operative care for patients to avoid revisits to the hospital and physiotherapy at home.

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