800 nominations received for the TIP Healthcare Awards


Since the official launch of TIP Healthcare Awards in December 2017, the initiative has attracted more than 800 participants for the TIP Healthcare Awards. 61% of the registered users have registered for the listed challenges, while 39% registered under other healthcare-related categories.

TIP Healthcare Awards, an initiative by the Ministry of Economy and the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi, in partnership with The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, aims to establish a sustainable global platform that promotes quality and competitive innovation in healthcare. The initiative strives to do so by attracting innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world and encourages broadband innovation for the healthcare sector.

Mr. Khalfan Al-Suwaidi, Director of the Industrial Property Department at Ministry of Economy, said, “TIP Healthcare Awards’ significant numbers in such early changes portrays that the the initiative is moving in the right direction. Establishing an inspiring environment that empowers innovators to support the National Innovation Strategy and further raise the status of the state on the Global Innovation Index is among our top priorities. TIP Healthcare Awards Platform will play a crucial role in supporting economic development in the UAE and we are pleased with the progress that we have seen thus far.” He also stressed that innovation is a key pillar to enhance the UAE business environment and explained that this will be done by increasing the rate of patent registration in the healthcare sector in addition to solving challenges of other sectors.

Registered participants with a background in cardiovascular disease prevention and management make up 13% of total users, while those with a background in mother, infant and school health are a close second at 12%. Following both these categories with the next highest number of professionals are occupational and environmental health and diabetes, both at 9% each.

Dr. Asma Al Mannaei, Director of Healthcare Quality in Abu Dhabi Health Authority stated, “There is much to learn in this stage and each day we are faced with new information that leads us to new ideas. It is important to be flexible now more than ever. This initial phase is when we have the opportunity to establish a foundation on which the work we produce will be rooted, and build up from there as we continue to move forward.” She continued, “I am optimistic that together, we will discover solutions for existing challenges faced by the healthcare sector and implement them successfully, and take preventive measures to proactively divert new problems and challenges.”

Mr. Faisal Al Hamoudi Director of Innovation, Incubation and Small and Medium Projects, commented on the progress of the TIP Healthcare Awards Platform: “When we officially launched Tip Healthcare Awards, we were aiming to create a global platform that encourages innovation and competition and to encourage the winning group of companies and entrepreneurs to actually implement their solutions to the challenges of the health sector. We are now seeing that TIP has potential to be much more than that. We are finding that the capacity for growth in innovative technology is significant, and in addition to addressing various healthcare challenges, we can achieve more than we expected in tech and innovation as well.”

The Awards Committee of respective awards categories started evaluating the nominees in February 2018. Each application was reviewed according to the published assessment criteria. Based on the results of the review, the top four applications will be shortlisted from each award category and will be submitted to the Steering Committee.

Starting this week, the Award Organizing committee jointly with Award Steering Committee will interview the applicants and will select the winners. The Awards Organizing Committee will communicate directly with the applicants to inform them of the date and time of their interviews.

TIP platform can be reached through www.tip.gov.ae and through Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts through @TIPUAE

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