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SkincareEveryone wants flawless skin and most of us are constantly on the lookout for a results driven skincare line. Look no further as HEALTH meets with Skin 02’s Managing Director Alison Atia who talks more about the brand and getting perfect skin.

Q What is the concept behind the brand?

ATIA Skin 02 is an Australian brand originally made by Doctors for Doctors in 2005, as a response from our team of experts dedicated to develop high-performance anti-aging makeup and skincare products to complement professionals in clinical non-surgical treatment solutions. Skin 02 combines the effectivity of non-surgical procedures with the pleasure of beauty treatments in the form of everyday cosmetics.

Q What are the key, results driven ingredients that make these products cosmeceutical?

ATIA Anti-aging star performers such Plant Stem cell extracts, advance peptides, hydrogenated vitamins and tri-molecular hyaluronic acid.

Q What is one of your star products?

ATIA Platinum eye lift – an aqua matrix powder to cream formulation to rapidly penetrate and instantly regenerate, lift dark circles, and eye bags.

Q What are some of the biggest mistakes many people over 40 are making when it comes to skin care?

ATIA Not using a daily exfoliant and anti-aging serum such as hyaluronic acid before their moisturizer to help further reduce fine lines and enhance product effectiveness.

Q What are three key components all of us need to be including in our daily skincare regime and why?

ATIA Firstly, always use a cleanser and micro exfoliator suited to your skin type. Secondly, add a serum to target and help treat your major skin concern. And finally, always use a sunscreen with your moisturizer or opt for a high quality anti-aging multi tasker such as Skin 02’s BB Foundation which has anti-aging stem cells combined with zinc and titanium dioxide as a natural sun protection.

Q What are your tips for maintaining youthful and beautiful skin at any age?

ATIA Never stop taking care of your skin daily! Always invest in high quality skincare with sun protection and remember make-up is skincare .

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