Baby’s First White Noise: White Noise CD for Babies

White Noise

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If you have a baby that fusses a lot and wakes up during afternoon naps or night-time sleep, it might be due to stomach aches/pains or sudden noises in the house or outside. To help your baby relax and sleep, white noise can be very effective. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to run your vacuum cleaner outside their bedroom door all night. The White Noise CD for Babies will do this for you. Just put the CD into a CD player and your baby will be listening to 74 minutes of pure white noise.

Baby's First White Noise: White Noise CD for BabiesThe CD soothes newborns and helps them to fall asleep, but it also works for older kids who might have trouble nodding off at night. So, it is certainly worth investing in this CD. Your baby/child will sleep better and so will you – a win/win situation.

The CD comes in a recyclable cardboard jacket to reduce packaging and be more eco-friendly. In my opinion, this CD would make a great gift for any new parents or even for yourself, if your baby/child has problems falling asleep or staying asleep.

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